Energy Healing

I combine craniosacral techqniues as well as working with the energetic field around the body & the chakra system. During an energy healing session, energy cysts (energetic blocks) are released as well as opening all 7 energy centers (the chakras) of the body. I combine energy healing with other modalities including healing massage and craniosacral therapy depending on what best serves my client. This work is incorporated more during the healing phase of my client’s journey.

Coaching Sessions

I work with my clients during every phase of their journey implementing tools and techniques they can use on a daily basis. I specialize in working with empaths & highly sensitive people but my clients are from all different paths & walks of life. Whether they are just beginning their journey of change & transition or have done previous inner healing work, I customize the sessions according to what best serves my clients. During an initial session, we evaluate & discuss the “roadmap” to where they want to be as well as what is needed in each session to get there and the personal action steps they are responsible for in between sessions. I truly believe that the best healers and teachers empower people to be able to heal themselves and tune in to their own internal guidance system. I am looking for clients who are ready for change, willing to give up old habits and stories no longer serving them, are dedicated to doing the work required and who will show up for themselves fully at each session.


Please see my events page for classes & events both in person & online. My classes include:

“Self Care for the Empath & Highly Sensitive Person.”

“Consciously Creating Your Life.”

How Energy & Vibration Affects Us & What YOU Can Do About It.”


More info coming soon!!