Essential Oils

DoTerra essential oils are a huge part of the way I support my Body, Mind, Spirit, & Emotions. By using pure therapeutic grade essential oils, I have gained greater mental clarity, a healthier physical body, ability to soothe heightened emotions, & achieve greater connection during my spiritual practice. I also use the oils daily as part of my morning daily detox & cleanse routine. In addition, I have removed all the chemicals in my home & have been using essential oils to clean with rather than cleaning products full of harsh chemicals. By removing the chemicals in my home & physical body, I have experienced a huge shift in the way I feel on a daily basis as well as having a much higher vibration overall.

As far as vibration goes, because these oils are extremely pure & effective, their vibration is extremely high. Therefore, when we diffuse this in our home, it also raises the vibration in our homes. Also, when we take these internally & put on our body topically, it also raises the vibration of our physical body. This means greater energy, clarity, positive mood, & increased productivity.