Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach specializing in work with Empaths & Highly Sensitive People.

I am a lover of life, travel, nature, personal connections and spirituality. I have dedicated this year to getting my healing work and personal story out in the world so that I may assist others in their healing and spiritual journey.


"I have been attending Shannon’s classes for about two months. I have just begun my journey into exploring what it means to be an empath and a highly sensitive person. I am like a sponge and want to learn everything there is to know. Shannon has provided insight and knowledge in these areas and I now know there are so many others like me. She has provided a one on one meeting regarding essential oils and their uses as well as how to raise the vibrations in my challenging life. I have also received much needed benefit from her energy spray that I use on a daily basis. I can’t get enough of it! Thank you Shannon for providing much needed guidance and life lessons living as an empath and highly sensitive person. I will continue my journey with your wisdom, knowledge and guidance."

Lucy K., Aurora, CO

"I am thankful for my coach, my healer, and my friend Shannon Sondrol. She gave me the nudge to find the missing piece of the puzzle in my life… spirituality. Actually, she kept nudging me, over and over again. I am so very thankful for her."

Fran W. Englewood, CO

"Amazing Meditation today!! My hip pain was relieved! And the light thru my crown (chakra) was unreal!"

Cindy W., Evergreen, CO (member of 21 day spiritual renewal series)

"I am loving this 21 day renewal! I met you at the mind body expo in March where you gave me a very healing reading and I know now that it was the start of my journey. You told me then to keep my light strong, similar to today’s meditation. As I’m writing this I realize what I need to do. Let my light shine like you keep saying! I look forward to working with you more. Thank you!"

Stacie L., Westminster, CO

"I want to start off by saying thank you! I loved this group and have been trying to get in the habit of daily meditation for awhile! The meditations were aligned with what I was facing each day! Thanks again and I look forward to the next group!"

Katie V., Denver, CO